About Us



Emilio has been in the car financing industry since 2006. During this time he has built up relationships throughout the industry with lenders as well as many dealerships which has given the advantage of ensuring that he can provide the best experience for his customers. Working with the lenders to secure the best approvals and working with the dealers to find the best vehicle options has ensured that his customers always come back when their vehicle needs are to be met.

As a partner for pickupyourcar.ca, he prides himself in providing the best customer experience and in doing this has been able to achieve great results for the customer base. With over 15 years’ experience in the car financing business you can rest assured that Emilio will be able to look at every situation and advise the best options for now and the future when it comes to your vehicle purchase.

Emilio also spent 10 years as a business owner developing and training sales representatives for business commerce

Emilio is also a passionate sports fan and avid traveller, especially cruising.



Paul joined Emilio in 2017 to ramp up Pickupyourcar.ca and bring his experience to the growing business. Paul has over 25 years’ experience in the business development sector working in finance and accounting sectors. Paul’s experience in sales and business development have driven pickupyourcar.ca to increase business opportunities and as partner is key to the administration of the business.

Paul focuses on customer relations and administration to further compliment the partnership.

Paul is also an avid traveller and spent over 12 years on board cruise ships as retail manager and has been to almost all corners of the globe.

It really takes only 3 minutes to get into your next vehicle.